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Today's Feed Lotting

Today’s Feed Lotting is a specialist magazine catering to the information needs of Feedlots throughout Australia, New Zealand and the USA. 

It was established in 1987, 20 years ago, by Peter Buffey and has been supplying editorial content to the industry since.   

All Feed Lots in Australia receive, by mail, a free copy of the magazine quarterly as do many major industry suppliers and experts.   Subscribers come from within Australia and as far as New Zealand and the USA.  

Peter Buffey passed away in 2007 and before he become seriously ill sold the business to his son Paul who now manages, publishes and edits the magazine.   Whilst Peter’s knowledge of the industry could never be passed onto Paul in full, through a network of industry experts he continues to publish a magazine with editorial credibility.  

The feedlotting industry is our priority and specialty. However we also supply client services such as creative design, web page design and promotional product sourcing.

Call us to discuss an obligation free advertising program, publication of an editorial, or to discuss your creative and promotion needs.



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