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  • BBMM now representing the Australia Tyre Dealer.

    Australian Tyre Dealer is an independent publication distributed nationally to tyre dealer networks, independent dealers, company executives, representatives of industry groups, and exhibition and expo organisers. Published six times per year, it is the endorsed publication of the Australian Tyre Dealers and Retreaders Association - a Division of the Motor Trades Association of Australia - and its role is to promote the industry as a whole and the objectives of the Association
  • Kite Mag hits the waves!

    Kite Mag is a FREE quarterly magazine for Australia’s thriving kite-surfing community. There are an estimated 25,000 kitesurfers in Australia and it is one of the world’s fastest growing water sports.

    Kite Mag is unique because it’s a magazine created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The magazine features all the latest news, views, features and user generated content from kiters around Australia.

    Kite Mag is read by more than 20,000 enthusiasts. Our readers are young, fashion conscious and earn more than $40,000 a year. They read Kite Mag because they help create the content - it’s their magazine; they own it.

    Here is the media Kit!

  • BBM&M to represent Auto Recycling Australia

    Auto Recycling Australia magazine has been put together by people from the recycling industry that saw a vacuum in the market for a specific publication which would provide information on industry issues which could impact the recycling industry in Australia. The magazine of course will cover not only issues occurring in Australia but also overseas.

    The magazine will be printed locally and will be quality A4 size with full colour throughout. It will be designed so as to be easy to read which will allow advertisers to achieve maximum exposure.

    It will be mailed free of charge every quarter (commencing October, 2009) to auto dismantlers around Australia. It will also be mailed to service providers, insurers and other industry stakeholders.

    Grab the information pack here!


  • BBM&M Vic appointed to represent The Automotive Technician.

    The Automotive Technician (TaT) is a unique magazine-website-training combination to help the technicians of Australia and New Zealand improve their view of the future through knowledge and training.

     Subscribers to TaT to receive the following benefits:

    • Receive six issues of the TaT magazine (one year's supply), delivered to your postal address
    • Access to an ever expanding database of fully illustrated technical solutions to problems in all makes of vehicles
    • Access to technical problem solving service
    • Access, through wholesalers, to dynamic and relevant training programs covering electrics and electronics

    TaT is a breath of fresh air for the technicians of Australasia, and if they enjoy reading it as much as we believe they will, the magazine, combined with its active website and training programs, will provide an exciting new platform for those with products to sell and messages to deliver.

  • BBM&M Vic appointed to represent the National Marketplace News

    National Marketplace News is the only newspaper dedicated to the fresh produce industry.

    In a climate where glossy publications come and go, National Marketplace News has been unwavering. It boasts the largest circulation of all Australian horticultural publications, with a circulation of 11,000 and an estimated readership of 27,500 and CAB Audited..

    Reporting the latest news and happenings in the industry;
    a totally relevant publication that is ‘a must read’ for anyone in the business of fresh produce. Every issue has literally dozens of news articles that serve to help readers in their business decision making; what to grow, what not to grow, what to buy, what not to buy, what’s affecting crops overseas a
    nd domestically, changes to quarantine rules, upcoming promotions, new disease control measures, new varieties, new technologies

  •  Tyre Industry News now also online

    Created by an organisation that has been producing automotive industry publications for more than a quarter of a century.

    Tyre Industry News is produced bi-monthly commencing with the June/July 2008 issue. The 32-page tabloid is wrapped around Motor Equipment News and mailed to more than 2000 tyre and wheel industry specialists.

    It now boasts its own online version and articles are also integrated with


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  • Kite Mag hits the waves!
  • BBM&M Vic appointed to represent The Automotive Technician.
  • BBM&M Vic appointed to represent the National Marketplace News
  • Tyre Industry News now also online